Thursday, 9 August 2012

Just a random post ;3

I just wanted to say....FROGGGYYY!! Your back! (:
Okay so, as you may have guessed, Im going hyper because Froggy :P is back on MSP. Yeyeyeyey. And as our first moments together again, we rocked it in the skate park:

Im also going to ask her if she would like to help with this blog, I hope she says yes :)
Byee for now x

Thanks ;D

I just HAD to post about this because I think all our editors are pleased with the results of the blog ;D. We made this blog on... 8/08/2012. Today we came to edit the blog once more with competition stuff and we found this out:


<< Yes, We have 51 (Or 57) page views :). Thanks to all our viewers and also thanks to the peope who chat on our chatbox.

Remember we're the owners so we're watching you O_O. Teehee not really x'D  We're just checking what's happening and checking for any bad stuff incase we need to act on it ;D

Thanks for reading this post and once again thanks for giving us such great results within' the first week :'). Thank You.

- Teddy ♥

Following On..

So, following on from BearCandi's post (that I just read), I took a picture of the background so you could see what it looks like (if you haven't already seen it ;D)

Thats all from me at the moment, I hope to keep you updated on the latest soon.

Lucky In Love ♥ New Comp

 As you may know, if you have logged into MovieStarPlanet recently, that a new competition is out now. It is called 'Lucky In Love' and I'm guessing it's Vegas themed ;) Here are some pics of the new animations and what the words are that you need to use:
TIP: Click to enlarge pic.

So, what do you think? There is also a new background, but the collage wouldn't fit it on :D It costs $500sc and is NON-vip. There are also lots of new clothes, I'll show you an outfit I made and bought out of them (:

Anyway, for now, its goodbye from me. x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A big thank you

I have got to say a huge thank you to my BFFs for letting me share this MovieStarPlanet blog with them. I will try help keep you updated with the latest (:

Arcade Games

Okay, so, yet again, MSP have had another update :) This time its part of the games section. If you haven't seen it yet, I have some pics for you to take a little look at:

TIP: Click to enlarge pics

So, they look great, right? I like 'BearBoy and the cursor'. But that's a personal favorite, I haven't really played many others.
Anyway, get on msp and enjoy playing them ;D

Banned/Warned :')

I have an idea for when people get banned/warned :'). So here's my idea:

When you get warned for saying something it should give you an option to type why your saying this.. If MSP think that why your saying it is okaii then they will let you say it ;D. Also it should show that new moderators thing incase what you did/said was under the rules ;D

When we get blocked we should be given a chance to explain our actions. Then we should have to wait 1 day to see what the MSP Jury think of it (MSP staff). Then the next day when you go to log in it will either let you log in or you'll be given a message saying: "Sorry, The MSP Jury find your actions un-frogivable therefore we have decided to keep the ban. We are deeply sorry and hope this teachers you to not do it again, See You Soon :')".

^^ They are my ideas, Comment what YOU think about them. If we get good enough comments 'bout 'em then I might go put it up on a forum along with another idea I have. Thanks x ;D

- Teddy ♥